New Light

by Little Sue.

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Dedicated to Teisha Helgerson and her loving mom, Deb. And to elephants everywhere.

You will have noticed that there is no price set for New Light. I am requesting that you donate the money you would have spent on this CD to one of the following charities. Whatever you can afford. Thank you! is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on our site, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you. The Jeremy Wilson Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit musicians’ health and service organization dedicated to providing emergency healthcare assistance and improving the overall well-being of individual musicians and their families. "Outside In" serves the Portland homeless population, with a special emphasis on teens. p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives. Each year our programs serve almost 900 homeless and transitional young people ages 15 to 24. Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change. Impact NW’s mission is to help people achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and to prevent and alleviate the effects of poverty.


released April 15, 2013

Recorded by Mike Coykendall at Blue Room Studio.
Produced by Susannah Weaver and Mike Coykendall.
Mastered by Tony Lash in The Magic Closet.

Mike Coykendall: drums, bass, electric guitar
Jill Coykendall: clarinet, bass on Find Yourself
Jenny Conlee-Drizos: piano, accordion, Wurlitzer
Annalisa Tornfelt: violin, vocals on Energy
Miss Michael Jodell: vocals
Wendy Pate: vocals on New Light
Vaden Goble: vocals on Energy
Susannah Weaver: ukulele, guitar, bass on History Mystery, vocals



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Little Sue Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: History Mystery
History Mystery

When ties came to sever
the words that came so clever
I no longer could employ
I no longer could enjoy
working on a song
It all just came out wrong

That just keeps going on
Maybe never will be solved
It was the love of me and you
That made life come shining through
It makes us who we are right now
We’ll have to work with that somehow

Then lies began to lever
Vows we thought that were forever
And cruelty came to serve
what neither one of us deserved
The effort was lost on us
Now we simply have to trust

That we hope to learn from
That has made us deaf and dumb
It was the love of me and you
That made life come shining through
It makes us who we are right now
We’ll have to get along somehow
Track Name: Find Yourself
Find Yourself

You have the distinction of nearing your extinction
Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one
You want to talk face-to-face but the rest of the human race
Seems like it lives inside another world

You have one affliction and that’s your addiction
Sometimes you laugh and say it’s all in fun
You know you have to change the pace
and look yourself right in the face
And try to stop being on the run

You don’t have to bet it all or shop at the Big and Tall
You don’t have to blast yourself out into space
You don’t have to sing the blues
You don’t have to wear those shoes
You just have to find yourself a better place

You don’t have to change everything or grow yourself a pair...
of wings. You don’t have to feel like your life has just begun
You don’t have to make the news
You don’t have to pick and choose
You just have to find yourself a better place

I know it’s familiar and oh, so peculiar
but would it feel so bad to feel so good?
You don’t have to be the queen or king
You just have to do one thing
You just have to find yourself a better place
Track Name: Energy: A Love Song For West Virginia
Energy: A Love Song For West Virginia

Blast it all!
There's a fire in the hole!
I left the city filled with lust and I never saw any coal
Still my dreams are filled with the dust of somebody else’s soul

Energy, Energy makes the world go around
Energy, Energy, listen to the sound
Shout it from the mountaintops while you’ve still got ‘em
The energy won’t be what stops until we get down to the bottom

Blasting off!
There's a fire down below.
I left the city filled with luck and like the mountains have grown old
A scene: the rivers fill with muck and the capitol plated gold

Now look at this mess you’ve made
You ought to be ashamed, afraid
You can’t take all that energy; you’re digging everybody’s grave
Now look at this mess we’re in from all your pissing in the wind
The energy below doesn’t grow; you’ve taken all that’s ever been

Energy, Energy, watch the world go around
Energy, Energy, can’t escape the sound
Shout it from the mountaintops while you’ve still got ‘em
The energy won’t be what stops.
Track Name: Elephant In The Room
Elephant in the Room

There’s an elephant in the room tonight because of you
There’s an elephant in the room tonight...maybe two
Move over, make some room!
I don’t think he’s leaving soon
There’s an elephant in the room tonight because of you

There’s an elephant in the room tonight, don’t you think?
Maybe the elephant in the room tonight is turning pink
Shhhhh! Don’t make a sound! I think he’s gonna stick around
There’s an elephant in the room tonight because of you

He won’t forget, but you still need reminding
It’s in the silent places that he’s been hiding
If you want him to blow and you want him to know
You’re gonna have to tell him so
Don’t you see that he can’t leave until you tell him to go?

There’s an elephant in the room tonight, not at the zoo
There’s an elephant in the room tonight just for you
Just because he’s not really there doesn’t mean that we don’t care
There’s an elephant in the room tonight because of you
Track Name: Always Be Mine
Always Be Mine

God, I love you and I always will
And I would hold you tight through the night just to keep you still
I love your face and I love your skin
And that stupid way you dance always does me in

If you want to fight or roll in the clover
We could talk all night and it would still be over
If I could change it all, if I could make the call
You would always be my lover. You would always be mine.

I watch you now from way over here
And that’s a hard thing to do through all these years
I watch you play; you don’t hear me sing
You said I like to take the joy out of everything

You understand I’m not like the man
I can’t hold back my heart like I do my hands
Please understand, this was not the plan
But I wouldn’t trade the way I feel though I’ll be damned

Here comes the night and it shines on you
And it sheds a little light on everything you do
Here comes my love, watch out for me
Throw me a line else I drown in entropy
Track Name: Today!

I’m gonna stay home all day; it’s gonna be great
I don’t wanna make haste today and I’m not gonna wait
You tell me that you’re burning out and you’re so far away
But it’s just what you make today
I don’t ever get laid, no way, and I don’t wanna date
I don’t wanna lose faith but, hey, it’s a simpler fate
I could sing a sad song ‘cause I’m so far away
But just look what I made today
Try to take the long way
Cry if you’re lonely
Just say what you need to say and make it today
I don’t wanna make jade of clay just because I’m afraid
I don’t wanna lose you or use you as a reason to stay
I can see you holding out and it’s so hard to say
That it’s just what you make today
If you feel you’re holding on and it’s slipping away
You know it’s just what you make today
Track Name: Head Banger
Head Banger

Banging your head against the wall
Don’t that beat all?

I’ll never do it that way again
You tell yourself and you tell some friends
But if it doesn’t break it bends
And seems to never end
You talk it out and you talk some more
You lay it all out on the floor
But here’s your hat and there’s the door
It’s yesterday once more
By now you’re on the mend
You’ve seen beginnings you’ve seen the ends
It’s a hard row to hoe a tough crop to tend
But you’ll be back again
Track Name: The Back Forty
The Back Forty
Well, I guess I’ve had a little
Just enough to make me brittle
Of that thing
They tell me not to worry, not to be in any hurry
There’s this thing
Though I may be...I am older
kisses don’t get any colder they just heat the way
And it may be...must be better
In this super-heated weather
Maybe soon we can say...

In the Back Forty we’ll find love
In the back, forty little turtledoves
Will come to us in June while we stand beneath the moon in our super-heated swoon
In the Back Forty we’ll find love

Sometimes our lives are spent a’messing
First and second, third and guessing
In this thing
And all those little guys-ers only serve to make us wisers in this thing
And you may be...are so sad now that just can’t be all you’ve had now, you just wait and see!
And it may so vexing, what is up-and-coming nexting could be all there is to be!
Track Name: New Light
New Light

You know those days when you just can’t move?
It’s like this weight is holding on to you
You try to get up and it’s all you can do to survive, or be glad to be alive
One step, and then just one more
You can see yourself
Hey, you’re out the door!
You picked yourself right up off the floor one more time

A new light is gonna shine
Another day is gonna come
Another moon another sun
It’s coming right down the line
A new light is gonna shine

Jesus Christ, when did it get so hard?
You’re up, and then you’re drunk sleeping in the yard. You don’t even know who’s sleeping next to you
and when you look again
Hey, it’s only you.
You’re feeling bad and it just won’t quit
It’s your birthday suit but it just won’t fit
It’s your things and stuff but someone else’s shit
and then you find...
It’s gonna shine on you and all the things you do
Because your heart is true and your soul is pure
Who could ask for more, I ask you?
When you’re lost and you’re in the rain
There’s the loss but you can’t feel the pain anymore You’re so used to being sore
One thing that I ask of you
If you find yourself with nothing to do
The door is open, you can come on through
A new light is gonna shine...